Aromatherapy For Children – How to help your child with oils?

Warning first…the oils should be kept out of reach of children, not swallow them without explicit instructions aromatherapist expert, and avoid contact with eyes.

Also, do not drip oil undiluted directly on the skin (with the exception of Lavender and Tea Tree oils), and make sure the oil is real ,pure and not diluted or synthesized.

Pure Baby & Kids Selection

King of the oils – lavender

Lavender is a very special oil. Is chemically very complex and yet is the safest oil to use. You can put it directly on the skin and is safe for babies and children.

Lavender is the best oil for first aid: exceptional antiseptic, soothes pain, scattering hemorrhages and calms the nervous system.

On any cut, bruise, sore, burn or sting – Lavender oil is recommended, few drops directly on the spot would calm the pain or itching and lower the tension.

For a Soothing bath before bedtime use 4 drops of the oil, which preferably dripped directly into the stream of water while filling the tub so that it spreads the oil in the water.

For baby massage, starting from birth, use one drop of lavender oil in almond or olive oil.

For Insomnia or awakening from a bad dream, use the Pure Lavender Spray on the pillow.


Myrtle Oil for breathing

Myrtle oil is the best oil when it comes to breathing problems in infants and children: cough, sputum, stuffy noses and more.for Immediate relief of breathing use few drops of myrtle oil on tissue or cloth diaper and put next to the baby nose.

An older child can be treated with a bowl of boiling water- mix 2-3 drops of oil and let the child inhale the steam (while placing a towel over his head, so that the steam does not escape).

Pure winter oil – a blend of oils to treat all colds and flu symptoms.

Chamomile Roman

Chamomile Roman oil is effective for dental and abdominal pain, fever, flatulence and digestive problems, calm skin allergies and soothe the nervous system.

You can drip it into the stream of water in the bath, 3-4 drops at bedtime to help calm and soothe the skin in cases of allergy, eczema or rash.

For tooth and stomach pain can be in two ways: hot compresses: soak cotton cloth in a bowl with warm water containing three drops of oil, squeeze the cloth and place it on the painful area. The second way is by smearing: one drop of oil in carrier oil and gently massage the painful area. (for abdominal massage in clockwise circles around

Bergamot oil

Bergamot oil calms anger, irritability and hyperactivity.

Use in the oil burner in the house(4-6 drops)

Essential oils have tremendous healing powers both on the physical and the emotional level – you must use them wisely and carefully and in return they will help you and your family a lot!