DIY Coconut Hair Spray & Volumizing Powder

Finding the right hair productsisn't always easy and of course you don't want to put all these chemicals-loaded products on your head, right? So after switching to natural shampoo and conditioner, let's check out two easy homemade hair products! Making your own hair products is easier than you’d expect, not to mention you get to control [...]

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Flower Power: Magical Flowers for Your Skin, Hair and Body

Flowers are beautiful, and they are used extensively for beautification, rejuvenation and perfumery. Ancient medicinal practices have always given much importance to the magical properties of flowers besides their spellbinding aromas. This is because many of them have incredible properties that can be used as natural remedies, benefiting us in many ways. The power of [...]

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Ways To Dye Your Hair Naturally

You can Dye your Hair Naturally! Studies show that roughly 65% of women dye their hair, so odds are you’ve experienced the over-the-counter hair dyes you can find at any drug store. You also might have noticed the alarming amount of chemicals in each one. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) states that over 5,000 different [...]

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Homemade Natural Bubble Bath

Bubble bath are a great fun for kids (and adults...) but I realized that bubble baths aren’t as great as I thought they were. They were fun, yes, but probably not so good for my skin. Most bubble baths that are available in the supermarket have tons of dyes and fragrances in them, both of [...]

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