Eco Friendly Travel Destinations

10 Eco Friendly Travel Destinations Travel is now the world’s largest industry, with a trillion-dollar annual footprint. This means that travelers have enormous power. Where we choose to put our footprints has economic and political reverberations that reach far beyond our personal experience. Ethical Traveler believes that mindful travel offers many rewards, both personal and [...]

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Aromatherapy for Summer

Great Aromatherapy For Summer Hecks It’s Summer! Summer’s finally here. That means it’s time for fun in the sun, but it also means oppressive heat and humidity, weekend warrior syndrome, and creeping, crawling, flying, stinging, biting bugs. so here are  aromatherapy hacks to get you through summer comfortably. Looking for the chemicals-free sun screen that actually works? [...]

Your Holistic First Aid Kit

Your holistic first aid kit: Natural remedies you should never leave home without! Natural ingredients work to boost your body’s ability to heal itself and are widely available. Here are some top picks for holistic remedies that are safe for children and adults alike, so there's no need to pack two kinds of medicine for [...]

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