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Prevent Bloating With herbs And Spices

 Herbs and Spices that Help Prevent Bloating By including certain herbs, spices, and nutrients in your meals, you can prevent or at least reduce that post dinner bloated feeling. Here are some of the best herbs and spices to help prevent bloating  1. Enzymes Enzymes help your stomach break down food, making digestion easier. Most [...]

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Avoid And Detox Heavy Metals

How to Avoid and Detox  Heavy Metals in our body? The most common heavy metal contaminants can cause harm to every single part of your body. We’re surrounded by these metals all the time—we’re putting them into the air, our drinking water, and our food. So let’s talk about it. How do Heavy Metals Get [...]

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Grape-Berry Protein Smoothie

Summer Protein Smoothie! As if the succulence of plump, juicy grapes weren’t reason enough to gobble them down, this fruit is also a great source of vitamin C, manganese and potassium, as well as powerful antioxidants. Blending a handful of grapes into your smoothie further breaks down the nutrient-packed skin, making it easier for your body [...]

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Apple And Honey Oily Skin Mask

Oily skin mask, perfect for the hot season! Whether it’s seasonal or just how your complexion rolls, oily skin can seriously cramp your beauty style. And in summer, when the line between ‘radiant’ and ‘greasier'  blurs a little, we get a little more desperate than usual to control our skin’s oil production. This  oily skin Face mask is an effective [...]

Create Your Natural Make Up

With natural cosmetics its time to create your natural make up as well! If you’ve ever turned over your beloved container of foundation, lipstick, blush, or bronzer, you’ve likely read a long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce. While many brands advertise themselves as being “natural” or even “organic,” the truth is, many of these [...]

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