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Minty Mocha Face Mask

This Minty Mocha Face Mask is super sweet! Today’s recipe, a do-it-yourself seasonal facial mask, is the perfect way to practice caring for yourself during the holiday season. This face mask is made with cacao powder (AKA: chocolate), the same ingredient used to make homemade hot chocolate. Cacao is rich in antioxidants. Yogurt is added to [...]

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DIY Probiotic Rose Milk Cleanser

Skin balancing probiotic cleanser Healthy bacteria can benefit our digestive tract, immune system, and even… you guessed it, our skin! A gut full of good bacteria can help fight free radicals, which age skin prematurely, and it reduces inflammation both internally and externally. How can we utilize probiotics in our facial routine? A simple homemade [...]

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‘kiss Me’ – DIY Lip Scrub

DIY lip scrub for soft and full lips! Have you ever exfoliated your lips? Well, ladies (and gents), today is the day to raid the kitchen for a simple DIY sugar lip scrub. In under 5 minutes you can exfoliate dry skin and enjoy soft, kissable lips all day. A lip scrub combines exfoliation with much [...]

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Why Calendula Is Great For Your Skin?

Calendula is an herb with beautiful orange/yellow flowers, long known for its healing and soothing properties. There are many ways calendula is beneficial in skin care – for everything from natural first aid, to diaper rash and eczema to anti-aging. Calendula is rich in beauty antioxidants, that help protect the skin from free radicals: Vitamin [...]

Crystals Healing, The Ones To Get You Started

Crystals are more than just pretty to look at – their ability to affect energy and mood can become an important component in your natural health and wellness practice. Millions of years old, crystals carry the natural life force of the earth. Which is one reason why crystals are buried in the ground for several days to cleanse [...]

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Coffee Face Masks For A Naturally Radiant Skin

These coffee  face mask is a classic for injecting life into a dull, tired complexion. While the mask will remind you of your morning cup of joe (wake-me-up included!), it’s actually an ideal mask for all skin types . In need of the full pampering glowing skin treatment? Book your spot at Pure Natural Salon today! [...]

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