A Younger Look with Enzym Facial Peel

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A Younger Look with Enzym Facial Peel

Give your face a total reboot with a natural, and effective fruit enzyme facial peel!

Instead of using harsh chemicals, it turns out the best treatment she could recommend is food! First a pumpkin and papaya enzyme peel to safely and gently reveal a new layer of skin. Second, a Manuka honey mask to protect skin and restore moisture. And even better? This was something I could do at home with food.

When you put on the peel, the enzymes only eat dead skin cells, leaving behind a plumper, more uniform layer of skin. You’ll see better texture and a reduction in age spots, hyper pigmentation, acne scars, and fine lines.

in addition to making you look like you did on your college ID card, pumpkin and papaya are both great sources of vitamins A and C (powerful antioxidants), and zinc, which calms inflammation and reduces redness.

it’s imperative to follow up your peel with a hydration boost treatment.

It can be that your skin will be extra sensitive to the sun after a peel. So do not forget your SPF !

Pumpkin and Papaya Enzyme Peel Recipe

1 420 gr  Can Pumpkin Purée (or peel, steam, and purée 12 oz of fresh pumpkin)
1 Papaya (peeled, seeded, and diced)
1 egg (binding ingredient)


Blend ingredients until smooth. Use immediately and discard any remaining peel. It makes a lot, so invite a few friends over for a peeling party!


  1. Smooth the peel onto your face with a fan-shaped facial brush or your fingers.
  2. Avoid putting the peel onto any part of the delicate skin around your eyes or lips.
  3. Leave the peel on until the tingle dissipates (about 8-10 minutes).
  4. Wipe off with a cloth soaked in cool water to avoid getting any into your eyes (cool water neutralizes the peel activity).
  5. Do not repeat peel more than once a month.

Note: Some people with sensitive skin will notice a slight pinkness, which is due to increased circulation. The pinkness is not cause for alarm and shouldn’t last longer than 20 minutes.

Manuka Honey Mask

  1. Smooth Manuka honey onto your face as directed above
  2. Wipe off as directed above.
  3. Repeat mask as often as you want!

Apply your Hydration Boost Face Cream and S



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