Crystals Healing, The Ones To Get You Started

//Crystals Healing, The Ones To Get You Started

Crystals Healing, The Ones To Get You Started

Crystals are more than just pretty to look at – their ability to affect energy and mood can become an important component in your natural health and wellness practice. Millions of years old, crystals carry the natural life force of the earth. Which is one reason why crystals are buried in the ground for several days to cleanse and reenergize them before use (more on that in a moment).

Crystals are believed to hold special vibrational qualities, and when they are in proximity to the body, can encourage feelings of wellbeing. They are often used for protection, mood regulation, relaxation, healing, releasing negative energy or for awakening spiritual/psychic abilities. Enthusiasts turn to crystals to help with a vast spectrum of issues, from reducing nightmares to protecting their travel at sea, from mending a broken heart to increasing self-confidence. If you’re in need of assistance or healing in an area of your life, chances are there’s a crystal for that!

So how can we harness the power of crystals? It’s as simple as carrying them, wearing them or placing them in your home. It’s totally okay to start by picking a stone just because you love the color. But every crystal type has a different purpose, so it’s also good to do a bit of research to pick stones that correspond with the benefits you’re seeking – love, more energy, mindfulness, better sleep, etc.

Here are 5 crystals everybody needs and how to use them.

1. Rose quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most popular stones, probably due to its lovely light pink color and ability to promote love and gratitude. It activates the heart chakra, enhancing love for self and others, while boosting confidence and helping release anger and resentment.

2. Citrine

Connected to the third chakra, the energetic power center of the body, citrine is considered a powerful tool for manifesting goals and intentions. Associated with wealth and abundance, citrine is a great stone to build self-confidence at work or need help visualizing your success. Keep citrine on your desk and let its sunny, yellow color radiate light and positive energy.

3. Black tourmaline

If you struggle with anxiety, black tourmaline is a must have. Place black tourmaline in the four corners of any room or at the corners of your bed to absorb any toxic and negative energy. And if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, hold large pieces of black tourmaline in each hand and you will feel its energy sucking the negativity and bad vibes out of your body. Black tourmaline also absorbs electromagnetic energy so keep it next to TVs and computers.

4. Clear Quartz

The seventh chakra stone (the crown of the head), clear quartz brings clarity of the mind and helps connect you with your intuition. It also raises and amplifies the energy level of other stones so it’s a great stone to use in conjunction with other crystals. Use clear quartz to manifest a specific outcome. Try a mini meditation by holding the quartz, closing your eyes and taking big breaths. Take 10 minutes to create a mental picture of the intention for your stones.

5. Amethyst

This pretty purple crystal is known as a protection crystal because it rids any room of negative energy and connect to higher self and spirituality. Keep it by the main door of your home, in the corner of the living room or in your child’s bedroom to purify and attract positive energy. A great stress reliever, the amethyst crystal helps calm your thoughts and clear your mind of unnecessary clutter.


I been using crystals also in my salon, when i feel that the client heart in need of some rebalancing and love!


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