Dry Hair Causes And Treatment

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Dry Hair Causes And Treatment

What are the Dry Hair Causes And Treatment?

Don’t let your shampoo bottle fool you: Dry hair is not a hair type—it’s a condition that can be treated. Your first step: Find out what’s stripping strands of their natural oils. We asked experts in the field to nail down some culprits, as well as simple treatments to nix dry, damaged hair for good.

  1. The Weather
    Summer includes overexposure to the sun, swimming, and products with alcohol, which can all dehydrate hair And with winter comes extreme cold followed by overheated indoors, which can make hair parched and dry.
  2. Smoothing Treatments
    Too many smoothing treatments done close together can leave your locks super thirsty. These treatments work effectively to smooth out hair and make it luscious and dreamy, but if they are done too frequently, the buildup of protein on the hair causes it to become brittle.
  3. Hormone Changes
    Birth control pills, pregnancy, and menopause are all times of physiological shifts within the body that can have an adverse effect on the hair, including dryness and brittleness. We recommends seeing your doctor to discuss treatment options.
  4. Using the Wrong Shampoo
    Not all shampoos are created equal. using using a chemical loaded shampoo will just cause damage to your hair. (Find the alternative natural shampoo here:)
  5. Brushing Hair When Wet
    Remember that hair is most susceptible to breakage when it is wet. This won’t necessarily dry the hair, but it will leave the ends brittle and lead to breakage down the entire strand. Instead of brushing wet hair, use a comb with a bit of leave-in conditioner on it.
  6. Daily Heat Styling
    Whether it’s the dryer or flat iron, daily heat to the hair will strip the hair of moisture. This causes quite a bit of unnecessary damage that can be avoided. If heat is imperative, aim to keep the temperature below 200 degrees.

How to Fix Damage That’s Already Been Done

  1. Go Thicker in the Winter
    Dry and brittle hair is a common problem year round, but these dry  winter months leave many searching for a magic moisturizing solution. A simple fix: Go heavier on the dry hair conditioner. Just as you may use a heavier face cream, your hair also needs a heavier dose of moisture. Try Pure Dry Hair Conditioner
  2. Use an Ion Blow Dryer
    Ions dry the hair from the outside, versus a traditional dryer, which dries from within the hair shaft to the outer layer. This makes a huge impact on the health of your hair and is a huge time saver, as ions dry hair faster.
  3. Deep Condition Once a Week
    Mark one day on your calendar for a  DIY conditioning mask reminder. Simply wash your hair, put on a deep conditioning mask, wrap your hair in a hot towel for 30 minutes, and voila. Your hair will be silkier and smoother.
  4. Use Sulfate-Free Formulas
    These formulas are most commonly recommended for those with color-treated hair because sulfates fade color. However, they also remove moisture. Make sure to wash and condition hair every time with sulfate-free formulas.

Pure Natural Hair care products are toxic-free and will not only save the hair and overall health damage but will help you to prevent the dryness!


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