Essential Oils For Reducing Fatigue

//Essential Oils For Reducing Fatigue

Essential Oils For Reducing Fatigue

Can aromatherapy help reduce fatigue?

Fatigue can come in many forms – from slight tiredness in the afternoon following a meal to chronic exhaustion from a lack of sleep, illness, or injury. Temporary fatigue typically has a number of logical explanations, and can be remedied by improved diet, better sleep patterns, reduction in alcohol or substance use, and general awareness of your body’s signals.

When you are feeling fatigued, it doesn’t only restrict your physical capacity, but also the energy that is available to your brain. In other words, the symptoms of fatigue are both physical and psychological, so this condition can affect your professional, emotional, personal and social experiences.

While there are many pharmaceutical approaches to treat fatigue and chronic exhaustion, many people turn to more natural remedies, due to their availability and ease of use. Using essential oils for reducing fatigue is a popular choice due to various oils’ energizing, stimulant, antioxidant, sedative or soothing properties.

List of Essential Oils for Reducing Fatigue

Bergamot Oil

As one of the most stimulating oils available on the market, bergamot is commonly turned to by people suffering from fatigue and exhaustion, as well as anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. It can not only re-balance your Circadian rhythms and boost your energy, but also uplift mood and stimulate the production of key neurotransmitters.

How to Use – This oil can be diffused throughout the night to ensure restful sleep, but also inhaled directly for a rapid, energetic burst when you start to feel drowsy during the day, or diluted in a base oil to massage your chest.

Geranium Oil

Famed for its ability to balance hormonal levels and stimulate mood, this essential oil can aid symptoms of depression and anxiety, while also reducing stress hormone levels in the blood, which can reduce oxidative stress and promote more normal sleep patterns.

Geranium oil benefits for your beauty

How to Use – You can add a few drops of geranium oil to a pot of steaming water and then inhale deeply a few times, as the aromatic compounds can be very effective. However, this is an energizing oil, so it is best not to use it in the evening, as it can disrupt you sleep schedule.

Eucalyptus Oil

Increasing vitality and boosting mood is essential if you want to overcome fatigue, and eucalyptus oil can do just that. By promoting a healthy body through anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds, this oil is able to counter negative feelings and improve blood flow, which will provide more energy to the organ systems and muscles. 

How to Use – This oil can be diffused throughout and entire home or room, or it can be added to a warm bath. The aromatic compounds are almost as effective as the topical application, leaving you feel energized, so better to use during the day.

Lavender Oil

The soft, floral scent that emanates from our lavender spray  helps relax the mind and ease body tension. Lavender oil will boost circulation, which can provide a revitalized feeling, but also will reduce inflammation and stress levels, which can help falling asleep at night much easier. 

How to Use – You can put a few drops of this oil on your pillow to ensure restful sleep, and can directly inhale this oil, or put it in a room diffuser, to provide uplifted feelings all day long, or use the Lavender mist spray to spray the room, your pillow or your body:)

Lemon Oil

The limonene content in this essential oil can be a stimulant substance, but also provides antioxidant effects that reduce inflammation and discomfort.  Therefore, this oil will increase energy, stimulate cognitive function, and treat the underlying cause of some fatigue conditions.

How to Use – You can blend a few drops of lemon oil into your morning cup of tea, or simply diffuse this invigorating oil throughout your home for a slower, but more consistent boost of energy to overcome fatigue.

Basil Oil 

This mental stimulant can clear away the clouds of fatigue and exhaustion, while also stimulating circulation

in the body, which can increase overall energy levels in the extremities and muscle systems. 

How to Use – Mix 10 drops of basil oil with one tablespoon of coconut oil and apply this topically to your chest, neck and wrists, as this will help to stimulate the body’s blood flow and improve energy levels.

A Word of Warning

Many people turn to essential oils for reducing fatigue, but there are some health concerns that potential users should be aware of. Essential oils, particularly when consumed internally, can have a number of side effects, due to their potency. Read here about essential oils safety


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