keep the glamor during pregnancy

keep the glamor during pregnancy

From Sprinkling rose water on the face to natural face masks ; 5 Natural Ways to keep the glamor during pregnancy!

1)    sprinkling rose water on the face will balance and calm him.

While pregnant , everything you eat, all the raising of the voice or a tear in the corner of the eye is attributed exclusively to hormones . Many skin damage as well as pimples, oily and various rashes come from the same source, so you should treat the cause, before attacking the symptoms.  Not many people know, but roses are excellent hormonal balance. You can sprinkle rose water on the face. Beyond smell good, they have a balancing and relaxing, they elevate your mood and moisturizing the skin without any heavy feeling.

Try Pure Flower toner, based on rose and lavender water to refresh and clean the skin.

2)    Daily cleaning: Sometimes all you need is water.

despite the fatigue, though it’s hard to bend over the sink because of the belly in front (and back pain in the back) – Do not give up the daily face cleaning routine.  In the morning, washing your face can certainly be enough with  water or rose water and anyone who wants, especially women who are oily skin, can use a mild soap. In the evening, it is important for a deeper cleaning to help remove makeup and dirt all day but make sure that the products contain no harsh detergents such as SLS , parabens etc.

Try Pure face cleanser, a mild, no-soap, cleanser.

3)     For more serious cleaning: seaweed or clay masks.

beyond the everyday cleaning, you should do a serious cleaning once a week.

There are excellence cleaning masks of clay and mud. They clean the skin depth, pumping toxins and replenish the cells. Because while pregnant you can not do diets detoxification and fasting juice, cleansing of the skin is important, and  these masks promisi deep cleansing which is better then the daily cleaning.

4)    Be carefull with peeling – it can worsen pigmentation.

Peeling while pregnant should be especially gentle, so as not to cause harm rather than benefit.. Especially in pregnancy, many women have a tendency to pigmentation, and aggressive peeling can reveal skin layers and make them too sensitive and vulnerable to environmental damage and harmful effects of the sun. It is important to choose exfoliating that gives a sense of scratches and abrasion while in use, and of course, to choose products without retinol which considered dangerous to the fetus.

Try Pure Gentle seaweed scrub, suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

5)      Moisturizing

I recommend moisturizing masks, like a mask of olive oil, egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey,which you spread on the face for 20 minutes .

And of course a day & night cream, specially for pregnant women to be used on a daily basis.

Have a healthy and fun pregnancy!  

About the Author:

Pure natural cosmetics is not just a name, for me and many others it became a way of life! All my life I had an affinity to healthy life style. As a dancer and a trainer, i was always looking for the good combination of healthy food and healthy movement. In time I learned that its not only what you eat that matters. Also what you use as cosmetics or medical products is important. The skin is the biggest organ in our body. About 60% of what we put on our skin gets into the blood system and with that to the inner organs. I invest my heart and soul into “Pure natural cosmetics” and the best part is to hear the amazing comments from my client.


  1. Wade Balsdon 10/10/2012 at 11:51 - Reply

    Nice post. It is important for ladies to look after themselves while they are pregnant.

  2. Lizette 11/10/2012 at 11:41 - Reply

    These are some great tips! I was very young when I fell pregnant and had terrible acne at first. From the second trimester it was better though. I used Herbalife nutrition and skin care.

    Please join Reciprocal Bloggers on Facebook – we are a group of bloggers who contribute with comments, likes, shares, etc. on each others’ blogs once a week.

    I look forward to getting to know you.

  3. clara 15/10/2012 at 03:05 - Reply

    excelent post thx

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