Is Your Hand Soap Dangerous For You?

///Is Your Hand Soap Dangerous For You?

Is Your Hand Soap Dangerous For You?

Why You Should Stop Using Hand Soap With Triclosan Today

Why Should You Care?

Tricoslan is added to hand soaps and other products like toothpaste, deodorants, eye shadows, and moisturizers due to its “antibacterial” action. Sounds good, right? Actually, the concern about triclosan is growing.

The marketing of hand-soap as having “anti-bacterial” properties because they contain triclosan is scientifically bogus.

In 2004, scientists did the best kind of research study, a randomized, double-blind study, involving over 1,000 persons. The question studied was whether home products with antibacterial agents prevented disease better than standard products. What was observed?  There was no reduction of illness in families using products with antibacterial chemicals

In 2007, researchers reviewed the medical literature up to that time and concluded that “soaps containing triclosan … were no more effective than plain soap at preventing infectious illness symptoms.”

Tricoslan can be measured in the bodies of 75 percent of those tested, is highest in 20-29-year-olds, and is found in nearly all adolescent girls tested. Apparently we don’t just wash and rinse this chemical off but it gets absorbed through our mouths and skin.

Furthermore, triclosan interferes with multiple hormonal systems including thyroid, testosterone, and estrogenic pathways and is therefore called an endocrine disrupting chemical. The potential impact on children and those in reproductive years is very concerning. Triclosan has also been linked to allergy and asthma.

So if  Triclosan Doesn’t Appear to be of Any Benefit, Is It Potentially Dangerous or Can We Just Ignore It?

Triclosan and related chemicals also end up in water treatment plants and agricultural fields. It has been found in waterways that serve as sources of drinking water. Crops can also pick up this chemical exposing us to even higher concentrations of this endocrine disruptor.

I call on you to investigate the products you have at home and at work.       Check the label and actively seek out products that are free of antibacterial  chemicals.

Choose for natural, healthy soaps- liquids or bars as you prefer but stay away from chemicals ones

Pure Soaps are all natural and safe for you!


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Hand Soap Dangerous

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Hand Soap Dangerous

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