Homemade Natural Bubble Bath

Homemade Natural Bubble Bath

Bubble bath are a great fun for kids (and adults…) but I realized that bubble baths aren’t as great as I thought they were. They were fun, yes, but probably not so good for my skin. Most bubble baths that are available in the supermarket have tons of dyes and fragrances in them, both of which can be irritating to skin, eyes, and even the urethra.

I realized pretty quickly as a parent that I couldn’t give my kids a lot of bubble baths. They have somewhat sensitive skin as it is, so adding an extra irritant to bath time isn’t a good choice for us.

I was excited when I realized that I could make bubble bath myself, and even more excited when I realized that it has just a few simple ingredients and couldn’t possibly be easier to make.

Which products are the safest to your baby’s delicate skin?

Homemade Natural Bubble Bath


  • ½ cup warm distilled water
  • ½ cup liquid natural soap (find soap here)
  • ¼ cup vegetable glycerin
  • (optional) essential oils of your choice


I was serious when I told you that this is easy!

Once you’ve gathered the ingredients, all you have to do is pour and mix them together. The water and  soap will mix well, but the glycerin may settle at the bottom of your container. That’s normal!

To Use

To use your homemade bubble bath, first give your jar a gentle shake, just enough to mix in the glycerin. (Don’t over-shake – it’ll get foamy and too bubbly.) When it looks less separated, simply pour an eighth of a cup of the liquid bubble bath into warm, running bathwater. If you find that’s not enough, keep adding in small amounts until you’ve reached your desired bubble level.

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