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Lavender oil and Burns first aid

Lavender oil and burns have a long history.

A French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse in the early 1900 was working in his lab and burned his hand severely. He then stuck his hand in a nearby container of lavender oil. He discovered his hand not only stopped hurting, it healed faster and didn’t scar.

There are 3 types of burns.

First degree burns affect the outer part of your skin and your skin is red and hurts (for example a sunburn).

A second degree burn is worse and you may have blistering and more pain. This also affects the first layer of skin and may affect the underlying skin. If it covers a large area or is on your hands and face, you may want to seek medical help. Please use your judgement.

Third degree burns are very bad, they can be from fire, electrical, chemical, or whatever. The outer layer of skin is gone and depending on how bad the burn is, the tissue and muscle may be destroyed. The skin may be red, yellow, white, or black and leathery. Sometimes there’s little pain due to the nerve endings being destroyed. Always get medical emergency help with a third degree burn! Never put oil on a bad burn, it just makes it worse. Don’t try to treat the injury yourself, don’t remove the clothing if it’s stuck to the skin, and don’t apply water or ice on the burn.

First degree and some second degree burns can be self helped:

Hold the burned area under cool or tepid water or apply cool or tepid compress with 8 to 10 drops of  lavender on it. Never use ice on a burn, because the skin is already injured and fragile.  Lavender actually helps fight infections, lessens blistering and scarring, promotes healing and helps to relax you. Now that’s what I call magic in a bottle!

Add some lavender to aloe, aloe juice or aloe gel and apply this to your burn. About 10 drops or more to 1/2 cup aloe. This makes a wonderful healing combination. Apply often, hourly if needed to help reduce the pain and help it heal.

After the first treatment apply Lavender Spray on the place to help the skin recover.

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