How To Make Your Holiday Shopping A More Eco Friendly Experience

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How To Make Your Holiday Shopping A More Eco Friendly Experience

Eco Friendly season!

The idea of giving is wonderful. But sometimes our consumerism can take over the holidays, with malls packed with eager shoppers maneuvering around with carts filled to the brim in a gifting frenzy.

This shopping season is a better time than ever to consider supporting small, ethical brands and stores. Vote with your money and support companies you admire and wish to see thrive. Look for well-made, quality products rather than gimmicky gadgets that will end up becoming “just more stuff.”

Here are top tips for making your holiday shopping a more conscious, less consumer-driven experience.

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1. Less is more.

As a culture, we tend to feel the need to over-gift.

This year, try to focus on the quality of your gifts instead of the quantity.

2. Think about what the receiver needs.

Meaningful and useful gifts are always especially touching, even if they are simple. Handmade with care always touches the heart.

3. Look for natural products.

This year, shop for locally made, eco-friendly products. Look out for natural, nontoxic versions of your favorite scented soaps, creams and oils. Gifting these green alternatives is a great way to introduce family and friends to eco-friendly lines that aren’t packed with chemicals like petrolatum, triclosan, paragons, and BHA.

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4. Give experiences.

Gifting someone with an experience helps cut down on the commercialization of the holiday season. Consider giving those on your list the natural spa treatment.  Nothing like a soft, relaxing and pampering experience!

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5. Give donations in someone’s name.

This is a perfect option for the person who has everything they need and loves giving back. If you know of a cause close to that person’s heart, start there.

6. Explore natural food delivery services.

Many urban areas now have delivery services for local and natural foods. Look for companies who support small organic farmers and deliver in reusable containers. This is an especially nice gift for the chefs in your life who are short on time.

7. Shop smart for kids.

Look for toys made from wood, recycled plastic, or cloth, and usable items like art supplies or books. Be sure to consider the less-is-more approach here! Kids love to open presents, but they are often ready to move on as soon as the paper and ribbons are out of sight. So many cheap plastic toys clutter up our homes and eventually clutter landfills. You can also find great tips for non-toys gifts for kids here.

Have a great holiday season!


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