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Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

With Mother’s Day less just  around the corner its time to show mothers what they mean to us. If you can’t celebrate with your own mother, think about another female in your life who deserves recognition for being the awesome mother she is.

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Give the gift of company

Unfortunately, now that I live far away from my own mother, I won’t be able to give my favorite gift… a little quality time spent laughing and celebrating her. If you live near your mother, grandmother, or sisters, consider hosting a special Mother’s Day event or planning an outing together. You could gather everyone for…
A Mother’s Day brunch, featuring a breakfast casserole, a pancake bar, or quiche and fruit. Don’t forget to set the table with your girliest table settings and a centerpiece of fresh-cut flowers or potted flowers mom can take with her. (Send the men off to do something fun together if you want this to be a girls only event!)
Pedicures or manicures – Sponsor spa day at home for a more intimate, money-saving alternative. Set up a few foot baths and have an assortment of natural foot lotions and polishes available for guests. Don’t forget to have ingredients for mimosas on hand and a selection of teas in case anyone wants to sip while enjoying the “spa” experience!
A day on the town and a picnic – You could browse the local Farmer’s Market, do a little antiquing or shopping at Mom’s favorite stores, or meet for a scenic walk in a nearby park. Follow up with a special picnic, complete with finger foods and a pre-mixed fruity beverage served in fun glasses.

Great gift baskets

Who doesn’t love an assortment of goodies in a homemade gift basket? Mix together some handmade and store-bought treats for a gift tailored to your mother’s interests.
The gardening momma
Replace your mom’s old rusty garden tools with new floral-printed tools that will make her smile while digging in the dirt. (I gave my mom some of these a few years ago and she won’t use them… she hangs them near her back door instead because they’re too pretty!) A new pair of gardening gloves or ahomemade sugar scrub will take care of her gardening hands! Nestle your gift in a tin watering can and tie on a gorgeous bow before presenting it to your mom.
Flower lover
Fill a ceramic flowerpot with a cheerful gift for mom. Include packets of organic seeds, a rich natural hand lotion, or a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Arrange an assortment of organic herbal teas and a container of homemade jam with the items to complete this gift.
For the cook
Fill a wooden salad bowl with a few specialty items your mom can use in the kitchen. She may appreciate a collection of organic spices, vanilla beans, a greatbottle of olive oil, or some flavored vinegar. Include wooden spoons, a knitted washcloth, hand-sewn cloth napkins, or a new oven mitt. Tie a few cinnamon sticks on top with twine for a sweet-smelling gift mom will love.
Spa pampering
If your mom needs an easy escape from her busy life, put together a nice spa package for her. She may enjoy hondmade bath soaps, or  a body scrubs, a natural body butter, handmade solid perfume, and a good book or magazine to read while relaxing. Wrap everything in a soft towel or a silk scarfand tie with a thick ribbon.

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Put it in writing

Whether you live next door or a thousand miles away from your mother, express your true sentiments through a hand-written card or letter. I think there is nothing sweeter and more genuine than meditating on what a person means to you and putting it in writing.
Give mom a card with your own thoughts filling the empty space, or pull out that forgotten stationary and compose a beautiful letter. Old school? Maybe. Truly meaningful? Absolutely.
Oh, and the sappier the better… she changed your dirty diapers for goodness sake!

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