Natural Cold Remedies

//Natural Cold Remedies

Natural Cold Remedies

Natural Cold Remedies to help with cold symptoms

If a medication makes you feel worse than the sickness it is trying to better, then something’s not working!

The next time that little cold virus rears its ugly head, pull out one of these natural cold remedies.

1. Epsom Salt Baths

Besides helping you relax and sleep better at night, some believe epsom salts actually help detoxify your body, increase your white blood cell count and speed up the healing process .   Detox baths are one of the simplest things you can do to combat any illness. You can  keeps Bath Salts  on hand at all times.

2. Raw Garlic

Raw garlic is full of amazing health benefits–including being anti-viral. Consuming it helps boost the immune system and fight infections If eating it raw makes you squeamish, you can purchase garlic capsules. But, first, check out these 4 ways to eat raw garlic:

1A spoon full of  honey helps the medicine go down.   

2.make a toast. 

3. Oil her up –Mince some garlic up in your favorite dressing.

4 Holy moly guacamole –Add a few cloves of garlic in to help make consuming your raw garlic more palatable.

3. Essential Oils

Essential oils have become my first line of defense against any ailment that has plagued our household over the past few years. Some tests have shown that essential oils are so strong that viruses cannot live in their presence.

My favorites to use for colds are eucalyptus, peppermintoregano, and an immune boosting or germ fighting blend

You can also diffuse the oils into the air or Get Yourself Pure Antiviral Spray to clear the air in rooms, or spray on your? kids shirt before going out


antiviral spray

4. The Neti Pot

The neti pot simply provides a way for you to easily and effectively clean out your nasal passages by pouring a warm saline solution in one nostril and allowing it to drain out the other. add warm water to a bowl, if you have eucalyptus leaves or 2 drops of essential oil add them, and breath in !

5. Echinace

Studies have shown that taking this herb can help boost your immune system, but the results have been mixed as to whether or not it actually prevents or shortens the life of a cold (source). From personal experience, I have seen that when I start taking echinacea capsules, my symptoms either disappear or are very, very weak .

6. Elderberry Syrup

Elderberries are a natural immunity booster. You can find the berries made into a syrup at most health stores or  you can try making your own elderberry syrup.! (recipe here).

7. Good Nutrition

It sounds like a no-brainer, but it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves that optimal nutrition will generally produce better health.

drink some green smoothie

and nutritional healthy food (inspiration here…)

8. Supplements

If I feel a cold coming on, I typically up my vitamin C and zinc intake. I also take vitamin D3 throughout the winter months–in addition to fish oil and probiotics.  but get an advise from your professional doctor or nutrition specialist!

10. Natural Cold Kicker Tinctures/Drinks

It does not taste amazing, but a shoot a day will make you feel so much better- here is your recipe


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