Baby’s Eczema Treatment Cream

////Baby’s Eczema Treatment Cream

Baby’s Eczema Treatment Cream

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Pure Eczema treatment cream

Super-rich soothing moisturizer eczema treatment cream specially formulated for babies with skin irritations. Gentle works without irritating sensitive skin to sooth the itching. Nourishing dry skin to help it heal. Combination of Shea- butter, Vitamin E, Calendula, Chamomile, lavender & Rose.

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2 reviews for Baby’s Eczema Treatment Cream

  1. daniella hendrickx (verified owner)

    Very nice cream, we’ve been using it for only a few days now but we notice that our baby’s skin looks better already.

    • Nirit Yogev

      Thank you Daniella, very happy that you like it!

  2. John

    I’m very suprised what Pure eczema creme did for my eczema complaints. I was used to hormone-creme but this method has health risks i rather live without. The Pure Natural Cosmetics eczema creme is the best non-medical threatment i ever had. It really calms down the skin and because there isn’t any alcohol-based perfume inside it doesn’t give the extra itch you don’t want. The smell is very enjoyable because you don’t have this ‘chemical sensation’. I think Nirit Yogev can be really proud to have found a natural way to easy down complaints a lot of people suffer from. It’s really good for your positive mindstate. Don’t forget stress is a very important factor in excema complaints as well. You can also use it on your kids! : ) A big compliment to Pure Natural Cosmetics. You are really making a difference! Who needs extra chemicals when we live in chemical dominated world. And as a big animal lover i’m more than glad no animal suffering had to take place to create this fine product! Keep on doing the great work there Nirit. I hope someday i will buy you at Etos or Kruidvat. You deserve it!

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