The Lifting Serum

The Lifting Serum

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The lifting serum is The hydration and boost superstar at Pure!

A unique blend of wonderful gel-rich ingredients designed for firming, wrinkle filling and smoothing. The lifting serum will give your skin a stretching and a radiant, glowing effect.

Contains oligosaccharides–  from chicory root (from which it is extracted) which has have the most oligosaccharides. They are gentle natural alternatives to retinol,   It reduces water loss from the top layer of skin, and It also makes atmospheric moisture available for the skin. It reduces flaking and cracking dry skin. Thus it makes skin supple and soft. Recently according to researches the oligosaccharide nourishes beneficial bacteria of skin and thus makes the skin healthier.

Suitable for all skin types and can be applied under your cream.

Contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, pomegranate, vitamin E and essential oils. oligosaccharides, aloevera gel


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