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Simple Self Care Ideas

When it comes to self-care, little changes go a long way—especially this time of year.  Rather than getting frustrated, it’s important to get creative about how and when we take some “me” time and if you’re already feeling overwhelmed, here are 5 super easy self-care ideas that will get you through fall without adding to your to-do list.

1. Focus on your breathing

I have been a daily meditator for years but I recently read that just focusing on your breathing can have the same benefits as a daily meditation sesh, without the time commitment. The practice of focusing on and controlling your breath in yoga is called “pranayama”, and it’s been shown to help purify the blood, lower cortisol and relax tense muscles. To reap the benefits, simply monitor how long you’re inhaling and exhaling, and try to match the lengths of each. And since the practice is portable, you can do it at work, in traffic, or while cooking dinner – no special equipment or time commitment needed.

2. Designate tech-free times

We’re always hearing how we should quit social media and turn off the TV, but for some of us, those can be great ways to unwind. Instead of going cold turkey, why not just designate a time each day for tech-free activities.

3. Make space

Maybe you’re starting to notice a pattern here, but a major part of self-care is letting go of things that don’t serve you. Instead of spending every second of the day crossing items off your to do list, look for little pockets of time where you can relax and just think. I call this “making space” because when you’re not multitasking, it frees up your mind to tie up loose ends, day dream or even just decompress.

4. Use aromatherapy to boost your mood

Certain scents can affect your body in some seriously powerful ways. The right aromas have been shown to influence everything from stress levels and mood to mental clarity and energy. And it’s these balancing effects that make aromatherapy such a perfect addition to any self-care routine.

Oil blends to calm your mind

5. Book yourself a me-time treatment

Life is hard. Whether its the daily 9 to 5, personal responsibilities or just staying in shape by eating healthy and exercising. All this hard work can get a bit much so you have to remember to set aside some “me time”. That means accepting that you deserve and need some rest and relaxation as well as a little luxury in your life.

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