Single On Valentine’s Day

//Single On Valentine’s Day

Single On Valentine’s Day

Things to Do If You’re Single Girl on Valentine’s Day


Being a single on Valentine’s day can come with a range of emotions. Some years when you’re single, you might even forget about Valentine’s Day because your heart is like Teflon and you’re thrilled to be on your own.. Since February 14th is just a few short days away, now’s the time to form a single-woman plan of action if you don’t have one already. Even if you see it as a normal day, you should still plan on doing something fun—like one of the activities below

  1. Pamper like you’ve never pampered before. Get your favorite beauty supply such as face masks and buy some cucumbers for your eyes. Light delicious-smelling candles and slip into a robe. Basically, go the whole nine yards and spend the day indulging. You’ll feel really relaxed, and as a bonus, really gorgeous too.
  2. Galentine’s Day, anyone? Meeting up with single girlfriends or ones who can’t spend the holiday with their guys for whatever reason is an easy way to combat the Valentine’s Day blues. Whether you stay in or go out, you’ll be with women who get you, which can be helpful when you feel like every man on the planet does not.
  3. Have a “romantic comedy hatewatching party. Invite girlfriends over to knock back some wine, watch tons of sappy movies, throw popcorn at the TV, and yell that each one is a lie. If Elle Woods did it, you can too.
  4. Dive into a juicy thriller. How often do you actually get to read a book these days? Shut down your computer and start turning those pages. Perhaps choose one in which people seem like they’re falling in love but actually end up trying to kill each other? You know, to get in the spirit of the holiday.
  5. Spend the money you would have spent on a guy’s gift on yourself. If its an amazing pair of shoes, pampering creams or just a special treatment. You are your own valentine, after all.
  6. Get your adrenalines pumping Try something risky and kickass (but not totally insane), like skydiving with your best friend. You’ll prove to yourself that you don’t need a boyfriend by your side to do incredible things. And if you’re hoping to get deeper into the dating game in 2016, it always helps if you’ve got a whole arsenal of amazing stories to tell.


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