Summer Aromatherapy

Summer Aromatherapy

Special Summer aromatherapy

With the arrival of summer, aromatherapy can be used to maintain a refreshing and cool energy in homes and offices. In hot weather floral, citrus and herbaceous essential oils are really lovely to use for their pretty, refreshing and relaxing fragrances.  Cooling peppermint is top of the hit parade for summer with a multitude of uses….

Citrus oils are super refreshing and their zest is perfect for giving a lift even when heat and humidity are oppressive and energy draining.  Citrus and floral aromas blend together beautifully so there’s no better time than NOW to start creating your own diffuser or oil burner blends which not only smell delicious but lighten, freshen and lift the energy during the hot summer days. Use florals sparingly as they can be over-powering and with most a little goes a long way, and cut through the sweetness with a flash of citrus.

Little bites

Along with summer come all the mozzies, sandflys, marchflies and a host of other bitey insects.  To soothe bites use undiluted lavender, tea tree or manuka oil.

hairy spiders in the house during spring and summer – wiping a bit of peppermint oil around the door frames of the bedrooms keeps them out! Same for ants.


To instantly relieve congestion rub a drop of eucalyptus and a drop of peppermint on your palms and inhale several times deeply.

Athletes Foot (Tinea Pedis)

This is a condition that loves warm moist conditions.  It is fungal and can be picked up easily at swimming pools making it a very commonly experienced discomfort in the summer months.  Anti-fungal essential oils include patchouli, lavender, tea tree, cinnamon, clove, thyme.  For prevention rub tea tree or geranium onto the feet after pool or spa.  For cure, the simplest remedy would be to  apply neat tea tree oil 3 x daily to the affected area until tinea has gone.  You can make a massage blend to use daily – 10 mls carrier oil with 2 drops lavender and 1 drop peppermint, 1 drop patchouli.  If tinea occurs in other areas of the body these remedies may also be used.

Essential Oils for First Aid

If you like to pack a natural first aid kit to take on your summer holiday the essential essential oils are: peppermint (sunburn/headaches/tummy aches), eucalyptus (congestion), lavender (analgesic), chamomile (for calming/sleep support), tea tree (insect bites/antibacterial), helichrysum (for bruises and injuries), lemon (cleansing) Most essential oils should be diluted and then applied but lavender will be fine to use neat.

Be sure to read about essential oils before using them

Staying Cool and Refreshed

Another firm summer favorite of mine is a lemon/peppermint foot treatment.  Lemon and peppermint are well-known foot bath ingredients to revitalize tired and aching feet at the end of a long day.  Put a different spin on this old favorite to refresh and cool your whole body, via your feet, when you are feeling the heat.  Take a clean face washer and soak it in cool water to which you have added 3 drops of lemon and 2 drops of peppermint oil and then gently and lovingly bathe your loyal, hardworking feet and give them the nourishment they  deserve and so infrequently receive.  As the feet are so so full of pressure points  they make a fabulous interface for treating the whole body so don’t be afraid to give massage them at the same time.

Pure peppermint feet balm is a smooth, cooling and hydrating feet cream, specially made for the summer!

Scenting Your Space for Summer

The blend below is  very pretty and summery – beautiful for diffuser or oil burner:
1 drop ylang ylang
2 drops grapefruit
2 drops rose geranium


Get your summer- ready natural facial here!



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