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Summer Skin Care Routine Tips


More Summer Skin Care Routine Tips
As the weather gets warmer, you may need to change your skin care. In the spring and summer, skin tends to get oilier, and in some cases dehydrated (often when skin gets dehydrated, it ironically pumps out more sebum to prevent moisture loss).  Here are my recommendations for a spring and summer skin care routine.

During warmer weather you may want to switch to a tougher cleaning cleanser that removes excess oils or impurities but that won’t over dry your skin.  If your skin is on the dry side, try a cleanser that is superfatted (that has extra oils added after the soap is made).
If your skin is on the oily side, you may also like natural based cleansers, or a clay based cleanser (I suggest using clay based cleansers only once a week).
Exfoliate and mask:
With the onset of warmer weather, what better way to treat your skin than a fresh homemade mask or scrub!  Fresh masks and scrubs can add nutrients, hydrate, tone, detoxify, and exfoliate the skin, depending on the ingredients.   All skin types may like using a strawberry scrub, which brightens the skin and also contains natural fruit acids that are great for blemished skin.  Be sure to use a mask or scrub (exfoliant) no more than 1-3 times a week.  See recipe below for a fresh sweet strawberry scrub!

Tone and hydrate:
Just like in the fall and wintertime, hydration is the key to great skin.  Many ingredients can provide hydration, and some can even help balance sebum levels.  I recommend using hydrosols based toners.


Hold in moisture or moisturize:  
Contrary to popular belief, oils are good for the skin because they mimic the skin’s natural lubrication called sebum.  Often if you give the skin a balance of oil and hydration (water or water-rich ingredients) the skin will balance itself.  During the spring and summer months, you may need to switch to a lighter oil or moisturizer.  If you want to keep using your favorite creams (which some people with dry skin may prefer) you may want to apply to very damp skin (to increase absorption) and apply less than you usually do than in the fall and winter.

Summer Rose is the perfect light face cream, based on seaweed and aloe vera and will give your skin a soft and gentle hydration boost! 

Some people prefer to use oils to seal in hydration.  Oils also need to be applied to damp skin (since oils do not hydrate, they work by holding moisture to the skin).

The Night Serum is a great boost for your night routine! 

Try to get or buy products made with cold pressed (or expeller pressed if you can not find cold pressed) and unrefined oils for their nutrient content.  Organic (even richer in nutrients) are an added plus.  Whether you use an oil, oil based serum (a mix of oils and usually essential oils) or a moisturizer ,

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Your Recipe For Sweet strawberry scrub

1 teaspoon brown sugar
1 strawberry
honey or agave

Mash the berry.  Add the brown sugar and a small amount of honey or agave.  Gently massage onto damp skin and rinse well.  Make and use fresh every time.

The brown sugar is a manual exfoliant and is a natural source of glycolic acid.  Strawberries gently clean and also brighten the skin, and contain natural fruit acids.  Honey cleans and softens the skin and helps draw toxins from the skin.  Agave also cleans and softens the skin, and is a vegan ingredient.  Use dark agave, which has more nutrients.  Suitable for all skin types, except the very sensitive.


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