SUPER Full Moon in Scorpio 2020: The Collective Awakening

//SUPER Full Moon in Scorpio 2020: The Collective Awakening

SUPER Full Moon in Scorpio 2020: The Collective Awakening

We have a potent Super Full Moon in Scorpio waving in on Thursday, May 7th, at 19:00,  Central Europe time.

Super moon’s indicate a phase in which the Moon is at a closer position to Earth, which creates a heightened energy and influence. This is the grand finale of the consecutive super moons we have seen this year.

This full moon represents a shamanic initiation where the soul’s darker elements rise up to the surface to be faced, transmuted or released. Whatever happens, whether in your personal or working life, it will urge you to sit up and take notice of any unacknowledged anger, lust, jealousy, fear or shame and do something about it. This can be a transformation experience as it takes huge amounts of energy to suppress a difficult emotion! Once it is released, you will feel invigorated, empowered and able to relate to others more deeply!

Scorpio is a massively intuitive, instinctive, magical, mysterious creature and finds thrills in using it’s psychic, magnetic and far most about boundrias!

This Full Moon is all about full surrender. The ability to surrender everything over in the trust in faith of yourself as the birther of your experience and the trust.

We have focused too long on the physical world and reacting based on what we see and not on what we FEEL. Our energetic system is navigated by feeling and our senses. Yet, we’ve for too long allowed our eyes to be the determination in what we experience. This is about trust in the highest degree.

And placing the bouandrias of self value and worth (I put a line on what I would never accept again kinda energy….)

You can expect this energy to being the unveiling of the energy portal to the  truth, behind the veil.

This energy connects to our Root Chakra and our Sacral Chakra, which have remained the two biggest vaults to stored and carried ancestral and all-life traumas. The repression of these energy centers have inhibited the collective from fully tapping into the Christed energies of their incarnation; stagnating the ability to know one’s self in truth.

This repressed energy has caused the collective to be victims to circumstances of the material world instead of the creators; it has caused us to feel shame, unworthy, unsafe, guarded, and undeserving without compensation, effort, and “grinding”. The world and experience of life was never something that required you to force your way through to make your desires materialize.

With power struggles, control, and slavery. It has taken us away from our navigational systems and away from our understanding that the power truly lies in Spirit and our connection with our souls.

It is the cosmic universal omnipresent power that has been placed for potential rise and awakening within the human energetic centers.

This moon is a potent and powerful healer- transforming us and the way we see ourselves. This moon is awakening us to our unlimited potential and eliminating anything that has held us back, This is bringing upon most of the collective a massive ego death. Killing away the remnants of what our ego has attached to, ending the cycles of the distorted ego, to be re birthed. The ego is not inherently bad; however, it is the vault of the shadow. All is ending now – in order to begin again in the divine light it was created to be without the hurt, pain, suffering, and trauma we’ve thought we needed to endure.

This is illuminating all secrets and anything kept hidden; secrets, emotions, trauma’s, and all. Jealousy, possessiveness, power struggles and manipulation will be surfacing now – anything inauthentic will not survive. All suppression of emotions will be rising with the waters of Scorpio, revealing what’s been left in the dark.

The major focus of this full moon is on relationships; business, love, and deep soul family connections.

this is ALL about re-evaluating, re-thinking, re-kindling, re-assessing, remembering, reminiscing past relationships. Scorpio is a highly passionate sign that can be possessive, obsessive, and controlling in relationships. This is ending karmic relationships and further working out the imbalance in masculine and feminine energies. As we have shifted to a new timeline, all relationships will be clearing out that are no longer aligned. Relationships ending, old relationships coming up (emotions that are real and never been talked about, reflecting where we lost precious connections due to ego, etc).

Many will find themselves longing for a deeper and more intense relationship at this time, finding themselves more committed,  and mostly more inspiring and pushing to growth, non mature, or game time is over!

desiring a deeper emotional understanding and fulfillment from relationships beyond surface level and physical. Someone who is a real soul mate and doesn’t allow connection to be shallow and full with hiding behind.

What relationships may return have been contracted and rewritten to enter and emerge in a new light, rebirthing connections who really made a change in our life and not making us lowering ourselves to fit.The collective has had long standing trust issues – with themselves, with a higher power, and in relationships, and if these weren’t openly had a chance to solve, they will keep showing up in our next relationship…

This moon is awaken us to the truth we are all connected. Telepathy will be heightened, intuition and third eye initiations are taking place, psychic gifts are being revealed, restored, and heightened, the senses are extremely heightened now.

Dreams will be oracles for guidance, initiations, and instructions during this time. Creative energy will be surging and flowing effortlessly. So keep a notebook near your bed, dreams are not random and carry a message within them…

Its time to look inside, be honest with the places you used your ego to harm, show compression for people who are meaningful for you and yourself.



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