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Amazing Uses for Frankincense Essential Oil

I Adore Frankincense Essential Oil ! Frankincense essential oil has some remarkable properties. You will always find it in my home. The History of Frankincense Did you know that there are over 50 Biblical references to Frankincense? Frankincense is considered the holy anointing oil in the Middle East, where it has been used in religious ceremonies [...]

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The Precious Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli essential oil Beauty Benefits Patchouli oil is extracted from Pogostemon cablin (also known as Pogostemon patchouli) of the Labiatae family and is also known as patchouly and puchaput. Although this essential oil may remind people of the hippie era, its value in skincare is incalculable. It is also great for fighting depression and anxiety. [...]

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Beauty Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil

10 Beauty Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil Having a flowery feminine scent, geranium essential oil is all about balance and stability. Its therapeutic benefits will soothe the soul, stabilize the mind and relax the body. It is great for solving female problems, including menstrual troubles, cellulite and breast congestion. Geranium is native to South Africa [...]

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Spring Essential Oils Blend

DIY: Purely Spring Essential Ois Blend Recipe it works great in a small diffuser or diluted in water for a room or linen spray. These scent combinations are fresh and garden-like, without being too floral and the combination has a very rounded scent–making one want to take nice deep breaths of the fresh air! Purely [...]

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Natural Coughing Treatment With Aromatherapy

Natural coughing treatment with essential oils Essential oils are great natural defenses to all different kinds of sicknesses. The cooler and drier weather certainly makes you more vulnerable to viruses such as colds, sore throats, and congestion. Lower humidity levels dry up our nasal passages, making it much more difficult to curb these pesky little “bugs.” Here [...]

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Wierookolie: de koning van de oliën

Wierook, ook wel bekend onder de naam olibanum, komt van de wierookboom of boswellia. Boswelliabomen groeien in Afrika en Arabische regio's zoals Jemen, Oman, Somalië en Ethiopië. Oman is het meest bekend als bron van wierook vanuit de oudheid. De hars van de Wierookboom wordt traditioneel verbrand als bewieroking en werd verkoold en vermalen tot [...]

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Autumn & Aromatherapy

As Autumn brings forth its cooler temperatures and richly colored falling leaves, it's a perfect time to enjoy diffusing and blending with warming essential oils. By their nature, spicy essential oils like Cinammon, Clove bud and Ginger are strong and quite warming. A little goes a long way with these oils. They shouldn't be heavily [...]

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