How To Make Your Holiday Shopping A More Eco Friendly Experience

Eco Friendly season! The idea of giving is wonderful. But sometimes our consumerism can take over the holidays, with malls packed with eager shoppers maneuvering around with carts filled to the brim in a gifting frenzy. This shopping season is a better time than ever to consider supporting small, ethical brands and stores. Vote with [...]

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Fun facts about Valentine’s day

Fun facts about Valentine’s day When did it all start?  There are various theories on the origin of Valentine's Day, but the most popular dates back to the time of the Roman Empire during the reign of Claudius II, 270 A.D. Claudius didn't want men to marry during wartime because he believed single men made [...]

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Do It Yourself Mason Jars Candles

Make your own incredibly Mason Jars Candles  We often come across small websites whose ideas we really love to share and this article from Ms. Dawn’s DIY Homesteader website is a good one with tons of great projects, mostly done on the cheap. These mason jar candles have incredible aromas and are easy and inexpensive [...]

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Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

With Mother’s Day less just  around the corner its time to show mothers what they mean to us. If you can’t celebrate with your own mother, think about another female in your life who deserves recognition for being the awesome mother she is. Pamper your mom with Pure Natural Salon Facial! Give the gift of company [...]

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Ideas For A Healthy Easer Basket

Healthy Easter basket? yes, its possible! The Easter Bunny is the bearer of all things sweet, delicious, and right with the world. But this holiday doesn’t have to induce the same sugar high as Halloween. Instead, fill those Easter baskets with some healthy alternatives. Edible options: Nut Butter and Fruits To keep the carrots company, [...]

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Green Valentine’s Day

Think green this Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is an occasion celebrated on February 14 and while it has a very long history dating back hundreds of years, the scale of the occasion we have today is largely thanks (or no thanks) to marketers. Some fast consumption related facts about Valentines day : – Around a [...]

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DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Be creative with your Valentine's day gifts! If  Valentine’s Day is about declaring your love, then what could say it better than something from the heart:  a homemade surprise that has “I know you’ll love this” written all over it.   Turn your kitchen into a love lab with these basic and some not-so-basic ingredients [...]

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Lavender Honey -great gift idea!

Lavender honey has an amazing taste and its very simple to make. Lavender has some great qualities and benefits to your body. relaxing, first aid for burns, a sleep aid. In Provence, lavender honey is made by the bees that frequent the wild purple-budded bushes growing near their hives. Be aware that this homemade version, [...]

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