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5 food for beautiful skin

Eating your way to beauty with these 5 foods for beautiful skin! our skin health tells a story, it reflects what is going on internally in our bodies, whether that’s how healthy our diet is, our stress levels, possible toxicity, hormonal imbalances, or more serious health problems. Food allergies often start out as skin abrasions, [...]

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Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Melasma, sometimes called chloasma, appears as a symmetrical blotchy, brownish pigmentation on the face. The pigmentation is due to overproduction of melanin by the pigment cells, melanocytes. There are several known triggers for melasma.   Sun exposure – this is the most important avoidable risk factor. Pregnancy may provoke melasma – in affected women, the [...]

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Important Vitamins and Minerals for Lovely Skin

Important Vitamins and Minerals for Lovely Skin If you want beautiful and youthful looking skin, then it’s important that you get the appropriate vitamins and minerals in your diet. Antioxidants are especially important, since they fight off free radicals that can make skin age and cause impurities. Here are some of the most important vitamins [...]

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