Teen Skin Care Advise

Teen Skin Care Advise

Due to hormonal changes, it is common for many teenagers to struggle with the various types of skin changes and that can take a toll on teens’ self-confidence. Whether or not teenage skin has acneor breakouts, it is still really important to start young with good skin care habits.

Schedule a professional facial.  

The benefits of a professional facial are many; professional analysis to determine the needs of the skin type, deep cleansing to clear clogged pores, expert advice with recommendations for a good home care routine, proper skin education offering tips and tricks on skincare, as well as tips for diet and lifestyle.

Treat the skin gently.

Teens have extra sensitive skin (especially from 13-15) so it’s important to use products formulated for sensitive skin to avoid the skin becoming red, dry and irritated from harsh products. Synthetic fragrances added to products are the number one cause of allergic reactions, so for a delicate teen’s skin be sure to avoid using products with ingredients such as “fragrance” or “parfum” listed on the back of the bottle, tube or jar. Search for the all-natural products.

Avoid picking at the skin.

While this tip may seem obvious, it is imperative that a teen understands that although breakouts cannot always be avoided, you CAN control what happens once they occur. The truth of the matter is, a blemish usually lasts 5-7 days, but the red or dark scar from picking at the blemish can linger for weeks – or even months.

Don’t over dry the skin with harsh cleansers and alcohol-based astringents.

Most cleansers and toners formulated for problem skin are designed to dry out breakouts, so they contain strong detergents and alcohols. Drying out infected breakouts where active blemishes are present may be helpful for destroying acne-causing bacteria, but the harsh ingredients will dehydrate non-broken out areas resulting in dry skin cell buildup. This layer of dehydrated skin cells will trap oil and acne-causing bacteria under the skin, which will ultimately cause an increase in breakouts – the last thing a teens’ skin needs! Be sure to purchase cleansers that are labeled ‘sulfate-free’ and avoid the ingredients Sodium Laureth (or Lauryl), Sulfate, and Ammonium Laureth Sulfate. These ingredients can be extremely dehydrating to the skin.

Wash skin three times a day. 

Bacteria breeds in oil, and because teenagers tend to produce more oil, especially from ages 15-18, it’s important to keep oil off the skin to prevent more blemishes. If possible, wash your skin three times a day  to keep the pores cleaned. At the very least, cleansing morning and night is a must for teens.

Be sure to use moisturizer. 

It’s a fact that skin cells are like fish; they need water to live. Avoiding moisturizing thinking you’re avoiding potential breakout is a myth. Teenage skin needs water, not oil, so by using a water-based, oil-free moisturizer it won’t clog the pores – it will keep the skin hydrated. This is essential for preventing clogged pores and breakouts.

Protect the skin with SPF.

Studies confirm that the majority of wrinkles that will appear later in life are from the sun exposure that you got up until the age of 18 – the formative years of your skin.  My favorite sunscreen ingredient for teens is Zinc Oxide. Not only does it give great sun protection, but is also antibacterial on the skin and can prevent breakouts.



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