The link between Aluminium and Breast cancer

//The link between Aluminium and Breast cancer

The link between Aluminium and Breast cancer

Why is it so important to use only natural deordorants?

Aluminum is one of the main ingredients use in deodorants

It blocks the pores of the skin and preventing toxins from being excreted.

The toxins then go to the closest fat reserve: the breasts.

The European Journal of cancer Prevention stated “underarm shaving with antiperspirant/deodorant use may play a role in breast cancer”. The journal Breast Cancer Research proposed a link between breast cancer and the application of cosmetic chemicals in the underarm, including aluminum, with estrogenic and/or geotaxis properties.

Personal care products are potential contributors to the body burden in aluminum and newer evidence has shown that more aluminum is deposited in the outer regions than the inner regions of the breast.

Aluminum and Alzheimer

There is a strong connection between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease.

Research clearly demonstrates abnormally high accumulations of aluminum within the brains of

Alzheimer’s victims.

The problem is that we use deodorant every day and therefore , the toxic chemicals are dissolving in the body on a daily basis.

Use Only Natural Deodorant!!!

“Pure” Deodorant”  is 100% natural, with no toxics from any kind.

It based on floral waters, tea tree, mint oil and more.


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