What’s in Pure’s products?- Carrot seed oil

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What’s in Pure’s products?- Carrot seed oil

Carrot seed oil, as the name suggests, is extracted by steam distillation, primarily from the dried seeds of wild carrot, but also from the dried plant itself.  Its scientific name is Daucus Carota.

Health Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil

Antioxidant: Carrot seed essential oil can help you retain your youth and look refreshingly young even as your friends start balding and showing wrinkles on their faces. Actually, antioxidants in this essential oil repair a lot of the damages done to your tissues by oxidants (free radicals) and stop them from doing further harm.

Antiseptic, Antiviral & Disinfectant: This powerful essential oil can cure infections, protect against their effects, and it has antiseptic properties.

Detoxifier: Carrot seed oil has the ability to detoxify the blood, tissues, muscles and internal organs like the liver and kidneys.

Depurative: Carrot seed oil can purify all the organ systems inside our body, particularly the circulatory, digestive and the excretory systems. It removes toxins like uric acid, urea, insecticides, pesticides and other chemicals which enter the body through our food and water and help restore overall health.

Tonic: Carrot seed oil It tones up tissues and muscles and increases their efficiency. tones the skin and prevents it from hanging loose or showing signs of aging.

Cytophylactic: Carrot seed essential oil stimulates the growth of new cells and tissues.

Other Benefits: It is widely used in aromatherapy due to its mild and soothing earthy aroma which is very effective in relieving stress and anxiety and giving a refreshing feeling. It is good for the skin and protects it from developing wrinkles. Carrot seed oil also relieves muscle aches,  enhances the production of erythrocytes and improves eye sight.

 Words of Caution: There are no known risks of the essential oil, but pregnant woman should avoid it.

Where can you find Carrot seeds essential oil?

Night Serum

Day & Night Face Cream- Ultra Rich



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