Why facials aren’t just a luxury?

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Why facials aren’t just a luxury?

The Importance of Regular Facials

When people think of a spa day, their minds likely just think of all the pampering but the treatments you receive are actually very beneficial! One might just be interested in a facial for relaxation but let’s consider what else you’ll get out of your 40-80 minutes with your esthetician, especially if you see her regularly.

I remember  the first time I ever gave a facial . There I was, cradling someone’s face in my hands. Their eyes were closed and they were trusting me to care for them. I felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility mixed with a strong desire to nurture and care for their precious skin.

Giving facials is intimate. Many times, the last person who touched your client’s face with such tenderness and care may have been their mother.

In the  years, I learned more and more about emotional release though my work with my clients. I learned how much power there was in the emotional release gained from receiving bodywork.

In the hands of the right practitioner, a facial or massage can heal you on a level far deeper than just the surface through muscle memory. In short, it’s believed that when specific trauma occurs, our body attempts to protect itself by unleashing the “fight or flight” response, and in turn, some of the trauma is stored away in our tissue, muscles and major organs.

Massaging and “opening”, working through knots in the shoulders can help to make you feel less guarded and more open. So many skin ailments are emotionally related, and as skin is our largest organ, and emotional imbalances are probably going to show up on your dermis. Manipulating skin tissue with massage techniques while using essential oils will help to get your lymph flowing and your skin glowing.

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How often should I get a facial?

Really, it depends on your skin care concerns!

Maintenance Facials

If you have generally good skin with little to no concerns, our recommendation is to get a facial every 8 weeks or at least as the seasons change. The changing of the seasons puts the most stress on our skin. Often hot or cold weather will change the rate of oil production leading to dry skin or clogged up pores.

Acne Facials

If you have concerns such as acne we hope we can see you once a month to get your skin clear.

Sun Damage & Anti-Aging Facials

If your concern is hyper-pigmentation or side effects of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles we’d like to see you every 6 weeks more. These skin concerns are the hardest to combat so seeing your esthetician regularly for professional treatments is crucial, as is an quality home skin care routine. The concerns effect the deep layers of the skin so you won’t see results right away, but with patience and regular facials you should begin to see improvement in a few months.

Receiving facials and massages isn’t just a luxury treatment; it’s a way to assist in balancing the mind and body into healing on a deeper level.


You are invited to experience yourslef, looking forward to see you at Pure Natural Salon!

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