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Convince yourself and read some client reviews from real people who discovered the benefits of organic beauty products of pure natural cosmetics!

– “After almost two years of having dandruff and trying almost everything there is in the market I bought from Pure Natural Cosmetics shampoo and was amazed by how fast it actually worked!! after three time I dont have this problem any more. so, thank-you!! you definitely have me as a (BIG) fan!!!”
Keren Karni
I love the products and the ingredients. I used it on my new born because of the safe ingredients and incorporated more of the products for the rest of the family.
Li Na
My favorite product at the moment from the Pure range have to be the Calendula Diapers Cream.  I only wish i knew about it with my first child.  Truly, it not only smells great, it instantly calms any irritation on my little one’s bottom.

Also theres something about knowing who made the product that you use for yourself and your baby’s skin. Nirit has a wonderful holistic philosophy that completely resonates with me and that she makes all products herself with love.  so hard to find these days.

Highly recommended especially for those wanting to support a mumpreneur who is passionate about her products

Keren Jaffe, Amsterdam
I love using Pure products. It’s great to know that I use cosmetics free of chemicals and it does a better job than any other products out there! Smells great and feels great.
Thank you!! ( Oh and I hope FaceBook will now allow me to see your great tips and updates as I had before 😉 )
Ella van Tilburg
Heerlijke produkten van super kwaliteit!
Paula Koompan
my twin babies have been using the Calendula diaper cream ever since they were born and I am a happy mom!! I don’t need to worry about diaper rush or waste huge amounts of cream to keep their skin protected. so I have an economic and very satisfactory product (which I can only tell you by secret – “it’s good for other skin irritations as well!!). I know PURE is using the best quality of natural products and I hope (and know) it would keep its line of quality – so, as long as it continues – count me in!
Irit Moriah Alfasi, Perth, WA Australia
I have been using this amazing face cream for a couple of years by now. After searching for so long I have finally found the perfect combination between good smell and good effect.  My skin stays smooth and I don’t get the irritability I got when  using other face creams.  I recommend this to anyone who wants to feel fresh,  clean and having a happy skin (-:
Adina, NL
I have been using your “Day & Night Face cream” for a certain period now and I wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with it.   I use it twice a day,when I wake up and before I go to sleep. It has a very soft and pleasant aroma with the perfect odor. The cream gives me a very fresh felling, exactly was I was looking for a long time.It seems to be the prefect cream for me, thank you!
Alon, NL
Since two years i switched to pure skin products and i am very satisfied with the personal service approach and quality of the products. For me it is important to use products without any chemicals. My skin is very sensitive and i have done a lot of research to find natural skin care products. I love the fact that pure products are 100% natural and still moisturize and improve my skin. Besides that, Nirit has a very petsonal approach and really cares about her clients and self made product.
Emily, NL
I found Pure cosmetics 8 months ago and have not been using any other cosmetics since then! I fell in love with the good quality of the products, the delicous, refreshing, natural fragrances of essential oils and the amazing feeling the products give my skin and mind. I appriciate the pure natural ingredients, especially now that i am pregnant and want to avoid any harmful chemicals. I will recommend Pure cosmetics to everyone who  wants to take care of their beauty with pure, natural ingredients”
Laura, NL


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  1. Maartje 28/01/2020 at 16:01 - Reply

    It feels like a treat to start en end my day with Sensitive skin Face cream – thanks to the rich and natural smell and texture of the cream. And the idea of using such naturally and on small scale produced cosmetics is a joy on itself. Thank you Nirit.

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