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About Pure natural cosmetics

In today’s world there is an increasing need for safer, more natural and more transparently produced products that enhance not only your beauty but your spirit too.

Industrial beauty products contain a lot of materials toxic chemicals that harm us through pollution. Today, many cosmetic companies do misuse the word “natural.” They advertise their products under the heading “natural”, when the actual products also contain lots of chemicals that may harm the body.

A recent large study found cosmetcs companies carcinogenic as talc, mineral oil, coal,asphalt, asbestos fibers. Also added to this list containing artificial colors and heavy metals cancer.

Unlike cosmetic products containing large amounts of chemicals that remain in the body over time causing damage to body systems, vegetable oils and herbs are not detectable by custom complexes do not remain in the body!

They are secreted from the body controlled while moving it horizontally. The effect of these elements is cosmetic and renew the skin’s youth. Skin treated with oils and herbs is a dynamic and stronger in a dradual manner by dosage a small amounts.

The vegetable oil may also improve the functioning of the lymph gland and flow halympteit and help eliminate toxins from the skin. They also balance the immune system and affect the nerve endings and that’s why they release stress and skin aging factors.

I created “Pure” with a desire to create a high quality skin care products using only all natural ingredients, that help promote healthy, beautiful skin without any chemicals or artificial preservatives and withour harming the environment. “Pure” philosophy is to offer consumers well-being through beauty products that work in harmony with their body and the environment.

My range of beauty-care products is formulated without ingredients derived from petroleum chemicals or even preservations because these ingredients tend to mask the efficacy of natural actives and are a source of skin irritation. Instead I base my product matrices on natural vegetal, complemented with natural active ande essential oils to stimulate the senses and lift the soul.

I combine vegetal oil, vitamins from natural base, essential oils and skin needs expertise to fit your skin needs and offer you cosmetic and beauty-care products based on natural ingredients.

The products are enriched with highly concentrated anti aging materials. Those are all anti oxidants and/or materials with biological activity, generally present in our tissue.

Pure face and beauty products have a beneficial effect on skin elasticity, cels metabolism and skin-structure restoration.

The products are perfume and colourant free and are not tested on animals.

From our blog

Super food Smoothie!

Doe meer met superfoods!. In dit artikel volgt een opsomming van enkele super foods en hoe je ze kunt gebruiken

Huisgemaakt avocado masker voor de droge huid

Natuurlijk masker, simple en eenvoudig te maken. Uitstekend voor de droge huid. Voorbereiding: prak de avocado met een vork en spreid deze uit over het gezicht. Laat 10 minuten zitten en was het goed van het gezicht af met water.

Tea tree helpt tegen huidschimmel

Tea tree essentiële olie werkt erg goed tegen huidschimmels. U kunt elke dag een aantal druppels op de aangedane plek gebruiken. Meng tien druppels in twee theelepels amandelolie en masseer het geïnfecteerde gebied een keer per dag na het douchen (droog het gebied wel eerst af).


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Pure is:


– “After almost two years of having dandruff and trying almost everything there is in the market I bought from Pure Natural Cosmetics shampoo and was amazed by how fast it actually worked!! after three time I dont have this problem any more. so, thank-you!! you definitely have me as a (BIG) fan!!!”
Keren Karni
– “ I love the products and the ingredients. I used it on my new born because of the safe ingredients and incorporated more of the products for the rest of the family.”
Li Na
“My favorite product at the moment from the Pure range have to be the Calendula Diapers Cream. I only wish i knew about it with my first child. Truly, it not only smells great, it instantly calms any irritation on my little one’s bottom.

Also theres something about knowing who made the product that you use for yourself and your baby’s skin. Nirit has a wonderful holistic philosophy that completely resonates with me and that she makes all products herself with love. so hard to find these days.

Highly recommended especially for those wanting to support a mumpreneur who is passionate about her products”

Keren Jaffe, Amsterdam
I have been using your “Day&Night Face cream” for a certain period now and I wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with it. I use it twice a day,when I wake up and before I go to sleep. It has a very soft and pleasant aroma with the perfect odor. The cream gives me a very fresh felling, exactly was I was looking for a long time. It seems to be the prefect cream for me, thank you! ”
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