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DIY fruits facials

fruits are so good for your skin, they incorporated into skincare the world over. You can use fruits in face and body treatments that nourish the skin and the soul, all the while smelling (and tasting!) delicious. Here’s the DIY way do fruits facials: Strawberries This member of the rose family is a natural skin wonder! Strawberries contain natural [...]

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Wierookolie: de koning van de oliën

Wierook, ook wel bekend onder de naam olibanum, komt van de wierookboom of boswellia. Boswelliabomen groeien in Afrika en Arabische regio's zoals Jemen, Oman, Somalië en Ethiopië. Oman is het meest bekend als bron van wierook vanuit de oudheid. De hars van de Wierookboom wordt traditioneel verbrand als bewieroking en werd verkoold en vermalen tot [...]

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Reduce breast cancer risks from your armpit

Breast cancer has long been a problem for all women, but it’s gotten even worse recently. Only lung cancer accounts for more cancer deaths in women. The American Cancer Society (ACS) blames the rates of cancer on tobacco use or obesity, but do environmental toxins play a much role? It is more effective to prevent disease than to [...]

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