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Autumn skin care inside & out

Autumn Skin Care inside and out   Autumn is a  time to celebrate earth’s harvest of roots and squashes and show gratitude while the last of summer blooms liberate into the cold winter months. This time of the year our skin changes with the season as it adapts to the drier environment elements like winds [...]

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Healthy Fall Snacks Kids Will Love

The month of the Autumn are full of parties and snacks, but unfortunately, the vast majority of these holiday season treats are storebought and full of unhealthy ingredients like processed sugar.   Here are some healthy fall snacks that aren’t just healthy, but they taste great and are sure to be a hit with kids! Autumn skin [...]

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Autumn creamy cashew pumpkin pasta

A delicouse creamy cashew pumpkin pasta, kids favorite! This recipe is mildly sweet, wonderfully creamy, full of healthy ingredients for our kids (and us!), is filling and obviously seasonal now. And to top that, it’s super simple to make. You can use pumpkin, butter squash or acorn squash, all turn out great. You can use any type [...]

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Oatmeal Breakfast Power Bowl

Oatmeal breakfast power bowl Winter is knocking on the door, time for a comfort, warming food and feeling the holiday season getting closer! The magic of this breakfast starts with making vegan overnight oats before bed You start making the overnight oats before bed as usual and in the morning throw the soaked oat mixture [...]

Autumn seasonal soup

Pure Natural Cosmetics guest writer- We are very pleased to have Galit Hahn as our guest writer! Galit Hahn is a natural nutritionist and a vegetarian chef who makes delicouse and super healthy food! And specially for this season, she made us this Autumn seasonal soup with the season ingredients. Since we believe that beauty [...]

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Autumn Pumpkin Fudge

This Autumn pumpkin fudge is one of the easiest, healthiest pumpkin fudge recipe you will find! This fudge has a hint of pumpkin, and a lot of fudge taste.   This is made with cacao (aka raw chocolate bean, without all of the processed junk) and it tastes much healthier than a regular bought fudge. [...]

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