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Pure : natuurlijke en pure ingrediënten

Kim van "Birdwonders blog"   had Pure producten getest en in haar blog schreef: Omdat mijn huid niet de makkelijkste is en ik niet alle producten prettig vind ben ik altijd op zoek naar goede producten om te proberen. Bij het zoeken naar deze producten heb ik wel een aantal eisen: de producten moeten natuurlijk zijn [...]

Collagen Production With Raw Nuts & Seeds

Raw Nuts and Seeds That Support Collagen Production in the Body Collagen is designed to provide protection from environmental toxins and invaders that harm the skin. It also supports the strength of skin by improving the look of fine lines and reducing wrinkles. Commercialized products that contain collagen largely come from animal-based sources (such as [...]

By |2020-07-09T21:20:49+02:00May 23rd, 2016|Beautiful skin, Health issues, Healthy Recepies|0 Comments

Is Your Hand Soap Dangerous For You?

Why You Should Stop Using Hand Soap With Triclosan Today Why Should You Care? Tricoslan is added to hand soaps and other products like toothpaste, deodorants, eye shadows, and moisturizers due to its “antibacterial” action. Sounds good, right? Actually, the concern about triclosan is growing. The marketing of hand-soap as having “anti-bacterial” properties because they [...]

By |2017-05-10T13:07:34+02:00May 12th, 2016|Health issues, skin irritations|0 Comments

Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

With Mother’s Day less just  around the corner its time to show mothers what they mean to us. If you can’t celebrate with your own mother, think about another female in your life who deserves recognition for being the awesome mother she is. Pamper your mom with Pure Natural Salon Facial! Give the gift of company [...]

By |2017-05-06T15:30:49+02:00May 6th, 2016|Do it yourself, Gifts ideas|0 Comments
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