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The Promises and Lies of Toxic Beauty Care

 Toxic Beauty Care - Doesn't sound very appealing, right? When you think of beauty products from well-known companies, visions of young beautiful models and starlets can easily come into your mind, or even heavily touched up mature ones. Along with these beautiful images, you’ll receive the stated and unstated promises of good health, youth, vitality, [...]

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Summer Healthy Cocktails !

Summer Healthy Cocktails and how to Avoid Hangovers One of summer’s great pleasures is dining alfresco—and toasting the good weather with a cool cocktail. Yet however health-conscious your meal may be, most alcoholic beverages are loaded with hidden sugars—which can derail both the benefits of a carefully balanced diet and your morning after. Is there a way [...]

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Summer Aromatherapy

Special Summer aromatherapy With the arrival of summer, aromatherapy can be used to maintain a refreshing and cool energy in homes and offices. In hot weather floral, citrus and herbaceous essential oils are really lovely to use for their pretty, refreshing and relaxing fragrances.  Cooling peppermint is top of the hit parade for summer with a [...]

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Peachy Green Proteing Smoothie

Summer Green Protein Smoothie Skipping breakfast is a thing of the past. Start your day off right with a nutritional serving of fruits and vegetables. This green protein smoothie is a quick and simple way to power up for whatever’s in store for the day. And, it’s perfect on-the-go. Serves 1 Nutritional facts: 436 cal [...]

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Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream

Healthy 2-Ingredient Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream Let’s talk about Matcha. The popularity of matcha green tea has been growing lately, and I am really excited to share some things that I recently learned about matcha with you! • Matcha is a finely ground powder made from whole green tea leaves. • Matcha powder is [...]

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Mosquitoes Fun Facts

Mosquitoes fun facts? there's not much fun about mosquitoes but i find these facts interesting:) So here are they...And also the perfect natural help to protect from these little flyers! Mosquitoes are known from as far back as the Triassic Period – 400 million years ago. They are known from North America from the Cretaceous [...]

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Natural Summer Tips

Natural Summer Tips Summer is a beautiful season, complete with sun-flushed cheeks, rejuvenating vacations, and an explosion of fruit. But it has a dark side. Dehydration, sun damage, stinky armpits… We’re bringing you some of our best tips and DIY recipes to keep your skin clean, safe, and looking amazing this summer. 1. Find a [...]

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Creamy Mango ice Cream

A Summer delight! mango ice cream This Creamy Mango Ice Cream is so easy to make, it’s ready nearly instantly! You just need four simple (vegan) ingredients and a high-powered blender or food processor. It is made with four simple ingredients, is healthy and low in added sugar, and can be made in your Vita-mix or [...]

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