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Coffee Face Masks For A Naturally Radiant Skin

These coffee  face mask is a classic for injecting life into a dull, tired complexion. While the mask will remind you of your morning cup of joe (wake-me-up included!), it’s actually an ideal mask for all skin types . In need of the full pampering glowing skin treatment? Book your spot at Pure Natural Salon today! [...]

Essentials Nutrients For Glowing Skin

Certain nutrients play key roles in getting – and maintaining – healthy skin, preventing wrinkles, and fighting acne. From anti-inflammatory benefits to supporting collagen formation, these are some of the most important nutrients to ensure you get in your diet for supple, glowing skin. Omega-3’s What they do: fight inflammation and improve the lipid barrier Omega-3 fatty acids [...]

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Attention Men: The guys skin guide in 4 easy steps

Is there a guys skin guide? For those who think that following a face-care regime is only for women, think again! Men have thicker skin which undergoes pollution. When their shaved skin is exposed to pollution and sweat, it gets more susceptible to pimples, blackheads or even skin discolouration. Men and women alike should follow basic facial care [...]

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All Gold – the benefits of pure honey

the benefits of pure honey for your skin Cleopatra and Nefertiti used honey to preserve the beauty and nurture the skin. Honey is a sweet fluid produced by bees and other insects, nectar of flowers and food is considered a high-energy, which is used as a natural sweetener and flower nectar source.Composition of honey: 20% [...]

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